We decided to get a website to help people with money. This because we noticed that there were a lot of people that were struggling with money at the moment and we wanted to help them. We therefore decided to provide some information which we felt would help them. There are different things that could help and people do have different problems, but we decided to focus on the things that we felt were most important such as budgeting and choosing the best financial products. We hope that when people read them, they will be able to make some changes to what they are doing that will make a big difference to their financial situation. We know that changing is not easy but we hope that we have provided clear and useful information which will mean that people will be able to do a few things and see results that will help them. Hopefully it will spur them on to do more and make more changes so that they can feel in control of their money. It can make a huge difference to a person, if they feel that they are in control rather than the money controlling them and so we really hope that we can start people off on this journey to getting a happier life.