Commonwealth Youth Forum 2009

CYF7 T&T Opening Ceremony

Music, dance, action - the wow factor!

The opening ceremony started with a bang after the amazing Hill Song choir gave us a beautiful rendition of the Trinibagonion (Trinidad and Tobagon) national anthem.

We then heard some empowering welcoming speeches from Matthew Albert (Pan-Commonwealth Youth Caucus Chair), the head of the Tobagon House of Assembly and the T&T minister of sport and youth affairs.

Interesting as they were, however, the fun really began after this when the entertainment began. We had 5 drummers playing different drums to represent regions of the Commonwealth, dancers dancing different dances from around the Commonwealth (including a very good attempt at the riverdance) and some actors / musicians giving us a history of the steel pan (the only instrument to be invented in the 20th Century, fact).

It was awesome.

Anne, CYEC Trustee, UK.

Commonwealth Flags
Opening ceremony
Dancing at the Ceremony
Youth in Decision Making Plenary

The Commonwealth Youth Forum 2009 took place in November in Trinidad and Tobago. Read about it here.