Commonwealth Youth Forum 2009

Arrival of delegates

I'm here at Mt. Irvine hotel (which i must say though without any offense intended that my hotel - Le Grande Courlan is the best hotel in CYF) helping out the local planning team to register people up in their thematic areas. So far the youths of Trinidad have come through the system and a lot of them are really interested in the area of Youth Involvement in Decision making. Slowly the Tobago youth are streaming in for registration, and very very slowly the International delegations are arriving into Tobago. I'm loving the work and the team I'm working with is really really fun, but the heat is starting to get on my nerves - and the funny thing is i'm from a tropical country on the other side of the world.

Nuks - Cooks Island

Commonwealth Flags
Opening ceremony
Dancing at the Ceremony
Youth in Decision Making Plenary

The Commonwealth Youth Forum 2009 took place in November in Trinidad and Tobago. Read about it here.