Commonwealth Youth Forum 2005

Final Communique of the 2005 Commonwealth Youth Forum

Download the final Communique from CYF5

The CYF provides an independent platform and voice for representative Commonwealth youth to consider a young person’s agenda at the same time as the CHOGM. Each CYF addresses Commonwealth youth’s concerns and builds on the work of previous youth fora. Each Forum works to formulate a Statement of Recommendations and Action Plans. These are shared with Heads of Government and disseminated Commonwealth-wide.

Representatives to the Forum are usually members of national youth councils or umbrella bodies and the Commonwealth Youth Caucus. They commit themselves to action on return home. A working group of Commonwealth young people help to ensure the torch is carried from one Forum to the next, and is entrusted with the running and organising of the next Forum. CYEC and CYP provide technical assistance to the host government and support the young people’s planning and facilitation team.

CYF 5 was held in Malta from 16 to 23 November 2005. 35 countries were able to send youth representatives. The Forum was hosted by the Ministry of Education, Employment and Youth and the National Youth Council of Malta. A team of Commonwealth young people worked with Maltese counterparts to identify the themes, draw up a programme, plan and run the Forum. The Forum was honoured to be officially opened by the Honourable Lawrence Gonzi, Prime Minister of Malta.

This communiqué document is the result of the Youth Forum’s recommendations. The Youth Forum calls upon Commonwealth governments, youth organisations and young people to note and act upon the recommendations contained herein. The Forum looks to the next CYF in Uganda and other international youth fora to continue to build on this work.

Final Communique of Commonwealth Youth Forum 2005 (Malta)791.93 KB

The 2007 Commonwealth Youth Forum took place in Malta.


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