The Commonwealth & Young People

What does the commonwealth do for young people? More than you might think.

Imagine a network of a third of the worlds population linked by common values, history and institutions - and a shared future. In a world faced with many global challenges, the Commonwealth is more important than ever - and young people make up 50% of the population of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth isn't a historic relic, but is a living and breathing international community made up countries and organisations. You can read below about some of the organisations in the Commonwealth working specifically to promote the role and rights of young people.

The Commonwealth Youth Forum

The Commonwealth Youth Forum provides young people with unrivalled ongoing opportunity for young people from across Commonwealth countries to identify a shared young people's agenda for global change and to feed into the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Check out the Commonwealth Youth Forum area of this site for details.


Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council is an accredited Commonwealth Association. You can find out more about all we do across this website.

The Commonwealth Youth Programme

The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) works between member governments of the Commonwealth to advocate on behalf of young people and to build the capacity of Commonwealth organisations to work with young people.

You can read more about the projects the CYP is currently working on through the Commonwealth Secretariat website

The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games takes place every four years and is an opportunity for young Commonwealth athletes to compete on the global stage. It is also an opportunity for young people to learn about the countries of the commonwealth and their shared heritage and future.

Find out more on the Commonwealth Games Website

The Royal Commonwealth Society

The Royal Commonwealth Society has a youth programme that includes the Commonwealth Essay Competition, Youth CHOGMs (simulation activities based on the Commonwealth Heads of the Government Meetings) and other youth projects such as Nkabom Young Leaders Programme.

YoComm - Young Commonwealth

The YoComm - Young Commonwealth website provides a wealth of information about young voices in the Commonwealth