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The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. The South African coast stretches 2,798 kilometres and borders both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. To the north of South Africa lie Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland, while the Kingdom of Lesotho is an independent enclave surrounded by South African territory. In 1994 the first democratic election was held in South Africa, this election brought Nelson Mandela and the current ruling party, the African National Congress to power. South Africa is known for its diversity, and eleven official languages are recognised in its constitution. English is the most commonly spoken language in official and commercial public life, however it is only the fifth most spoken home language.

Joined Commonwealth
Capital City
Cape Town
How you can refer to people from this country...
South African
Country motto
''!ke e: xarra ke'' "Unity In Diversity" literally “Diverse People Unite”
471 443 square miles.
Population density
Based on figures from 2009 est.
39 per square kilometre. (World ranking: 170)
At purchasing power parity based on figures from 2008
$506100000000 (World ranking:27)
Human Development Index
The Human Development Index is a combined measure of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. Figures closer to 1 indicate a greater score on the Human Development Index. The figure given below is based on figure from 2008.
0.670 (World ranking:121)
Currency Code
Country calling code
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Project YMCA- North Tyneside
9 years 29 weeks ago

A well-established link between two YMCA. The focus is around peer education working in local schools and prisons around the issues of dealing with conflict resolution and HIV/AIDS awareness .

9 years 29 weeks ago

This is the 2nd leg of the exchange. The theme of the exchange is health issues affecting the lives of young people.

Project UBUNGANI - South Africa
10 years 4 weeks ago

This exchange allows young poeple to explore health issues affecting other young people across the globe.

Project Anderson High School - South Africa
10 years 4 weeks ago

The group are using this exchange as an opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of factors shaping both communities.