Sierra Leone

Flag of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, officially the Republic of Sierra Leone, is a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Guinea in the northeast, Liberia in the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest. Sierra Leone has the third largest natural harbor in the world, where international shipping berth at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Government Wharf in central Freetown. There are 800 km of waterways in Sierra Leone, of which 600 km are navigable year-round. The country has a tropical climate, with a diverse environment ranging from savannah to rainforests. The country is home to Fourah Bay College, the oldest university in West Africa, established in 1827.

Joined Commonwealth
Capital City
Freetown (1,070,200)
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Sierra Leonean
Country motto
"Unity - Freedom - Justice"
27699 square miles.
Population density
Based on figures from 2009 est.
83 per square kilometre. (World ranking: 114)
At purchasing power parity based on figures from 2005
$4,418,000,000 (World ranking:164)
Human Development Index
The Human Development Index is a combined measure of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. Figures closer to 1 indicate a greater score on the Human Development Index. The figure given below is based on figure from 2008.
0.329 (World ranking:179)
Currency Code
Country calling code
Basic data taken from from Wikipedia InfoBoxes via DBPedia

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