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Barbados (Portuguese word for bearded-ones), situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, is an independent island nation in the western Atlantic Ocean. Its closest island neighbours are Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and Saint Lucia to the west. The highest point in Barbados is Mount Hillaby in the parish of Saint Andrew. The island's climate is tropical, with constant trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean serving to keep temperatures mild. Some less developed areas of the country contain tropical woodland and mangroves. Other parts of the interior which contribute to the agriculture industry are dotted with large sugarcane estates and wide, gently sloping pastures, with panoramic views down to the coast. Barbados has a high level of education enrolment of almost 100% with little illiteracy among people aged 15-24.

Joined Commonwealth
Capital City
How you can refer to people from this country...
Barbadian (Official) Bajan (Slang)
Country motto
"Pride and Industry"
167 square miles.
Population density
Based on figures from .
per square kilometre. (World ranking: 15)
At purchasing power parity based on figures from 2008
$5695000000 (World ranking:158)
Human Development Index
The Human Development Index is a combined measure of life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, and GDP per capita for countries worldwide. Figures closer to 1 indicate a greater score on the Human Development Index. The figure given below is based on figure from 2007.
0.889 (World ranking:37)
Currency Code
Country calling code
1 (246)
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Blog entry Mariama Branker's (Caribbean Field Coordinator for the Caribbean Youth Environment Network) experience at COP15
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Mariama Branker's experience at COP15.

Well, Copenhagen has ended and it has been just as I thought. Exciting! Confusing! Inconclusive and of course cold!