The theme of this exchange is "Climate Change"

The theme of this exchange is "Heritage"

The theme of this exchange is "Comparing Cultures, Challenging Stereotypes, Understanding Development"

The theme of this exchange is "Challenging Stereotypes through relationships and experiences"

The theme of this exchange is "The Environment"

The theme of this exchange is " Cultural Skills and the Environment"

The theme of this exchange is "The communication and sharing of culture between young people"

The theme of this exchange is "Making the Most of Leisure"

The theme of this exchange is "Sharing Global Education"

The theme of this exchange is "Continuing to build interpersonal relationships and communication between young people from both communities"

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12 Jul 2011

After a teary farewell no one seemed up for a rendition of the wheels on the bus go round and round...However all were looking forward to getting home and the mood was lifted by more donuts than any one bus load could manage, although Robin had a good go on the way to the Trafford centre.

10 Jul 2011

The Goodbye Until Next Year In Rungwe

09 Jul 2011

Polly Meets Baby Isaac 2011We Met Hensley 2004

09 Jul 2011

The Afro - Ceilidh brought out so many different emotions in the majority of us. The whole evening was a great success with everyone joining in and and enjoying themselves. To begin with everyone was singing and dancing along, following the same steps, but as the night went on more and more people joined in and the set dance moves turned into amazing freestyle dancing. As if the singing and dancing wasn’t amazing enough, as the link always does and will continue to do so, we always raise the bar and make sure everyone has an absolutely fantastic time.

08 Jul 2011

Before the Tanzanians arrived I was very excited to have one stay with me but also quite scared at the same time! I was scared she wouldn’t enjoy her stay with us and also that she wouldn’t understand me! However, we had a brilliant time together from the day Iluminata arrived. 

08 Jul 2011

We held an evaluation session in Bigrigg Village Hall, and worked in ever changing groups so people could swap their experiences of the last 3 weeks with lots of different people. We used ‘old school’ flip chart recording, and will use everyone’s ideas to help plan the future.  We looked at what had been best, what might be improved in future, and what people hadn’t liked (fortunately, not much of this one!!) – and then went on to talk about what had surprised people, and finally started to plan what might happen in Tanzania next summer.

07 Jul 2011

Today we visited Harrington primary school, Beckstone Primary. The school was on a almost vertical hill but Mary managed to beat the mini van into submission and we got there eventually. The primary school was certainly impressive and even the English students were surprised at how well off the school was! We were greeted by an electronic board outside the main entrance and welcomed by music in the hall, which had flat screens showing pictures of school visits.

06 Jul 2011

Today was our trip to Carlisle! After meeting at St. Benedict’s school we all split into groups for the journey. Those of us in Becca’s car introduced Gasto to ‘The Fratellis’ which he loved! (and continued to sing all day!). After landing in Carlisle we went straight to Tullie House for the exhibition on the Romans. The exhibition was really interesting especially for some of the Tanzanians as they had studied them at school. The museum was full of artifacts and interactive games which were really good fun.

06 Jul 2011

It was the second day of our drama project at St Benedicts school. We had already sorted out the plot of our “play” the day before but we still had all the dancing and singing to organise. Tanzanians Leading The Way

06 Jul 2011

Tonight as part of the Fair-trade evening at St Benedict’s school we took part in a play we have been rehearsing for the past two days and also a Tanzanian fashion show. Our play was a Tanzumbrian musical and it contained all the songs we had learned from the Tanzanians and also all the dances. We performed for all the parents that were there and despite the nerves I thought it was rather fun in the end.

05 Jul 2011

Wow, today was awesome! We did some funny games to get warmed up, and then picked up where we'd left off yesterday. Charlotte had written some scripts for us so we could be more confident with our parts and also so we'd be able to give everyone something to say more easily. We had to rearrange the groups around to make them more mixed, and then we could get started properly.

04 Jul 2011

Today I visited the cattle auctions in Carlisle. There was a delay because Terrys cow had a disease that needed to be sorted first. Anyway eventually the trip happened. Arrived at shepherd Inn thought Terry might be talking me to a posh place like Hotel to get coffee, but it was not, it was auction place while back home could be done open shambles, with full of Tsetse fly and other type of bitingflies, but it was not the way, it was a kind Eden. 

04 Jul 2011

At the start of the day me and Gasto went to church, Gasto was asked to get and perform a song to everyone and of course he said yes the song he sung was called Zion. Gasto told me that churches in Tanzania are very similar to the one we went to.

02 Jul 2011

Tonight we spent the evening at Don and Dianne's and what a lovely evening it was. It was a brill turnout, lots of family and friends turned up to sample the barbie and the queue was a mile long hah! The food was great and some people went back for not only seconds, but thirds and fourths (me being one of them) haha!

02 Jul 2011

On one of the better days of this years summer; the link was to do its first march through Whitehaven for the Carnival. Starting the march, it was clear from the early stages that the streets were going to be packed, as the group marched through the streets signing the likes of "Tuselebuke" and "Maria" with a few more songs. The Tanzanians were becoming more and more used to the large crowds, as the likes of Gasto and Lazeck started leading the songs and dances. Crowds seemed to be impressed by the march as photos were taken and videos were recorded from all angles.

02 Jul 2011

Well on Friday night I celebrated my 21st birthday with some of my nearest and dearest and we had something special to do that on … The Boogie Bus!The 'Boogie Bus'

01 Jul 2011

Today the Tanzanians visited Southfield Technology College; their day consisted of three lessons, Food technology, music and graphics/resistant materials. The first lesson of the day was Food technology. Everyone made a somewhat successful victoria sponge cake to take back to their hosts. Whilst the cakes were cooking Mama Joyce made a traditional Tanzanian dish (which unbelievably was made from only water and flour!!) the tear and share dish was separated on two separate plates - one for the males and one for the females.