Shanique Harris

Shanique is from Croydon and is currently in her second year studying Geography at the University of Southampton. She has a strong desire to learn more about the world and intends to use her knowledge to one day become a change agent making positive changes for less fortunate people in different parts of the world.

In summer 2011 Shanique travelled to Brazil as part of an AIESEC cultural envoy for development. In addition to this student exchange, Shanique also had the chance to work with various NGO's and worked with young males at a young offenders institute in São Paulo.

In addition to her studies, Shanique volunteers for PRESTIGE mentoring programme working with a group of students at Southampton City College and is also actively involved in the Commonwealth Youth Summits.

Shanique is an international representative for Moore Town Maroon Youth Organisation based in Jamaica which works to preserve, promote and protect the long standing Maroon culture that exists in the community. She is currently seeking funding to venture out on a project entitled 'The Maroon Cultural Academy' which is set to take place in Easter 2013. Through this project Shanique hopes to help young people in the community empower themselves through sharing their culture as a means of personal development and economic sustainability.

Shanique is keen to learn about how youth are able to operate in politics and how change is advocated in the case of Sri Lanka, and hopes to work more closely with the commonwealth after her studies. She knows she is only at the beginning of her journey but being able to work with like-minded people interested in similar issues, Shanique hopes she can share her experiences whilst also learning and benefiting from the help and experience of others.

Shanique says she is most excited to be able to eat with her hands in Sri Lanka and not look weird!

Shanique Harris