What we do

CYEC supports young people and organisations to develop and deliver youth projects and events across the UK and the Commonwealth.

This includes innovating and developing new services, pilot projects and initiatives that promote interchange and youth led development. Find out about some of the projects we're running now and have recently been involved in.

Supporting Youth Action

CYEC have supported a wide range of youth projects across the UK, the Commonwealth and beyond. We often act as a coordination hub for youth-led initiatives, and as a bridge between young people and Commonwealth events and activities.

Take a look at the different global projects we've been involved in.

Global Youth Work

CYEC don't just organise exchanges - we are part of many UK-based and international projects which promote global youth work. Global youth work is informal education that supports young people to develop a critical understand of the links between personal, local and global issues.

CYEC are member of the Think Global. You can find out more about the principles behind global youth work on the Think Global Website, or the Sustainable Development & Youth Work micro-site which includes a range of case studies of global youth work in action.