Web Skills for Guyana

Week 4 course – Quiz

To round off the course and consolidate the learning of the previous weeks, we ended the course with a quiz. 38 points were up for grabs and we were pleasantly surprised by how much all the groups got into it. There were some pretty high scorers too, so they must’ve all been paying attention.
Here are the questions:
1. Which tags open and close an HTML page?
2. What are the tags for?
a) Paragraph
b) Bold
c) Italics
(3 marks)
3. What does HTML stand for?
4. Name a web browser.
Is the above an image, link or table?
6. what does CSS stand for?
7. Here is some sample code for linking a .CCS document to a web page:

Which of the following tags does it belong between?
8. Here is a style attribute:
background-colour: blue;
However, there is something wrong with it, what is this?
9. List two more style attributes. (2 marks)
10. What will the following styles do to a web page:
body {
background-color: black;
h1 {
font-size: 18pt;
color: yellow
font-family: verdana;
p {
font-family: arial;
font-size: 9pt;
color: white
(3 marks)
Social networking
11. What does ‘open source’ mean when referring to software?
12. Name three social networks.
(3 marks)
13. What is the name of the free, user-created Internet encyclopedia?
14. What’s the difference between a ‘post’ and a ‘blog’?
15. What is a ‘blogroll’?
16. Name an online service for finding blog posts written by others.
17. What does ‘SEO’ stand for?
18. Why are links important in blogging? Give one example.
19. Why should you avoid using ‘click here’ as anchor text in links?
20. How many bloggers had signed up with WordPress.com as of Sunday evening, 9 August 09?
153,000, 207,000 or 378,000
Good content
21. Scannability refers to the tendency for peoples’ eyes to skim around web pages more than they would with a printed article. Related to this is the 10 second rule. What is the 10 second rule?
22. Which type of fonts work better online than print, Serif or Sans Serif?
23. Why is it a bad idea to use blue writing on a purple background?
24. Why is it useful for websites to use taglines with their titles?
25. Why is it a bad idea to use really long paragraphs?
26. Name one way you could you check for spelling mistakes?
27. How much slower do people read on the computer screen than print? 25%, 50% or 5%?
28. What does the crop tool look like in Gimp?
29. Name two ways to resize an image in Gimp?
(2 marks)
30. What is the keyboard shortcut for undo?
(Maximum 38 marks)

CYEC sent a small team of volunteers to Guyana in Summer 2009 to equip young people with online skills.

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