Section 9: Red tape and vapour trails

This is an extract from the CYEC Youth Exchange Starter Pack. You can download a full copy of the pack here and you can download the section you are currently viewing from the bottom of this page.

The youth exchange planning game

You can discover some of the high flying opportunities of youth exchange - and how to avoid some of the pitfalls using this board game. It is ideal for use with a group who are thinking about running a Youth Exchange.

The game is based on Snakes and Ladders and you will need a dice and some counters.

You have lift-off if you land on the tail fin of a plane – or deep frustration if you land on some red-tape and have to slide back down.

When you do an exchange for real, don’t get caught in lots of red tape and despondency – plan ahead and don’t leave everything to chance.

You can download the game board for printing, and instructions for the game below.

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