Section 7: In our own words

This is an extract from the CYEC Youth Exchange Starter Pack. You can download a full copy of the pack here and you can download the section you are currently viewing from the bottom of this page.

What are young people saying?

The best way to see the benefits of a youth exchange is to see what young people who have been involved in an exchange have been saying?

‘I don’t want to sit on a beach in the Costa del Sol, staying in a cloned hotel. I want an experience that’s different – and from which I will learn. A youth exchange.’
John (Bangladesh)

‘There’s a saying that travel broadens the mind; if that’s so my head’s exploding! I would strongly encourage young people to get involved in a youth exchange.’
Dan (Trinidad)

‘I’ve learnt that it’s actually quite easy to form friendships with people who don’t speak the same language and don’t share the same culture, creed and colour. Such things should never be a barrier to making friends.’
Sarah (India)

‘Since you guys left the only problem has been how I miss you – we shared so much fun together. Now I feel bored at home.’
Ali (The Gambia)

‘The exchange helped us to learn to accept and appreciate other team members, discover talents and weaknesses in ourselves, and encouraged commitment and positive attitudes.’
Kwame (Ghana)

‘Taking minutes, chairing meetings, fundraising, speaking – it’s been a great and continuous learning process and has given me huge personal confidence and the skills that will help me in my working life. I know I can do a lot of things with my life.’
Khairun (Namibia)

‘The whole exchange was an education, a challenge and a fantastic learning experience. We learnt how to plan, team build, problem solve and achieve our goals.’
Samir (India)

You can find more quotes from young people in the download below.

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