Section 5: Planning your exchange

This is an extract from the CYEC Youth Exchange Starter Pack. You can download a full copy of the pack here and you can download the section you are currently viewing from the bottom of this page.

8 Steps to Planning Your Exchange

  1. As a group explore the idea of an exchange further
  2. Check out CYEC’s funding criteria
  3. Decide on an overseas country
  4. Find a partner group and get to know them
  5. Establish your own group and team build
  6. Map out the key planning stages and task areas for your group
  7. Start fundraising
  8. Get down to the real nitty gritty of planning and organisation

Plan early!

You need to start your planning early - long distance exchanges are big projects so they need to be planned well in advance. CYEC recommends that you allow at least 18 months lead-in for the various stages of planning and preparation so that everyone participates fully and gets the most out of the experience.

You will also need to allow enough time for your fundraising campaign.

In the download below you will find a series of questions that will help you clarify your ideas and make some decisions.

Things to think about

Early on you’ll need to think carefully about

  • who’s going to be involved in the project - group recruitment
  • why you want to do the exchange and what you hope to learn – your objectives
  • the theme or youth issues you want to explore internationally
  • how everyone will work together and make decisions
  • the likely approximate costs - the budget

Before proceeding too far, check out you have the backing of your management committee.

Then your group could decide to divide out some of the key task areas such as

  • fundraising
  • publicity and public relations
  • travel arrangements
  • programme arrangements
  • learning about your partners
  • learning about yourselves – and finding out if you can live together

Remember that there are publications, resources and training courses you can obtain from CYEC. The Handbook ‘Contact’ will be especially helpful.

This pack also includes some taster activities to help get things started.

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