Section 12: What we're looking for

This is an extract from the CYEC Youth Exchange Starter Pack. You can download a full copy of the pack here and you can download the section you are currently viewing from the bottom of this page.

What CYEC is looking for

When we consider grants and support for exchanges we are looking at...

Aims and Objectives

General Objectives
The project contributes to young people’s development, offering them opportunities for personal, social and political education and making them aware of their role as active participants in the Commonwealth.

Specific Objectives and Theme
The project responds to the needs, interests and expectations of the young people and defines clearly what they want to achieve. The project has a clearly defined theme and the programme of joint activities reflects this.

Learning Objectives (Outcomes/Benefits)
The project sets out clear and achievable learning objectives for the participants, in terms of acquiring skills for personal and social development and employability. There is progression during the life-time of the project. Young people have an opportunity to record and gain recognition for their achievements.

Programme Priorities
Priority will be given to funding

  • new or particularly innovative exchange programmes
  • exchanges with Commonwealth countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean
  • youth organisations which have not been previously very active in this field
  • exchanges involving young Britons and their Commonwealth counterparts who would not normally have the opportunity to take part
  • local British groups (rather than national ones which are only supported in certain circumstances)
  • multi-racial youth groups
  • exchanges with innovative themes or tackling youth issues

Approach and Methodolgy

Youth Work Process
The project is delivered as informal education and young people take part voluntarily and in their own time. The project is based on a ‘do, review, learn, apply’ process of learning by experience that helps young people develop the capacity to make sense of their experiences, themselves and their lives in the world.

Contacts between Partners

The project has been thoroughly prepared by, and with, all partners (expectations, objectives, programmes, working methods, and profile of participants).

Active Involvement and Ownership - Youth Participation
The participants are actively involved in the planning, preparation, realisation and evaluation of their project. The group receives appropriate preparation and training, including residential experiences.

Inter-cultural Learning
The exchange is based on an inter-cultural learning process so as to allow young people:

  • to acquire a feeling of self-confidence when confronted with new experiences, attitudes and behaviours
  • to prevent and combat prejudice, racism and all attitudes leading to social exclusion
  • to develop their sense of tolerance and acceptance of diversity


Project Plan
The project is properly defined, planned and implemented. Appropriate risk assessments have been undertaken. The need for an advance planning visit has been assessed.

The Programme
The programme is well balanced, corresponds to the objectives of the project, is well adapted to the theme and the needs and interests of the participants. It is jointly undertaken and facilitates sustained contact between the two participating youth groups.

Practical Arrangements
The practical arrangements are coherent with the general objectives of the project, the profile of the participants and the project plan; there is awareness of health and safety and child protection issues.

The Leadership Team
The composition and experience of the leadership team are appropriate to the activity regarding learning methods, knowledge of the theme and ability to work in an inter-cultural environment.

Global and Commonwealth Issues

Efforts have been made to promote among the young people awareness of global issues and of the Commonwealth and its values.

Finance and Formal Issues

The project obtains formal approval from its management committee and insurance cover is in place.

Efforts have been made by project organisers and / or participants to secure other sources of funding; young people’s participation is not dependent upon their ability to pay.

The budget fits the project aims and programme and is feasible.

Justified Grant Request
The grant request is justified by the profile of the participants and / or exchange destination.

It is a condition of grant funding that projects submit a report and financial accounts for their exchange visit within 8 weeks of the visit having taken place.

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