Section 11: CYEC Grants

This is an extract from the CYEC Youth Exchange Starter Pack. You can download a full copy of the pack here and you can download the section you are currently viewing from the bottom of this page.

Apply for a CYEC Youth Exchange Grant

If your project meets our youth exchange criteria CYEC may be able to give your youth group a grant.

Each year CYEC administers a youth exchange fund to support Commonwealth youth exchange projects. We raise the money we give out in grants from private donations and we also receive an annual grant from the British Government (cultural relations/mobility funding). The purpose of the exchange fund is to help UK youth groups make visits overseas and host their overseas friends in the UK. The grants are provided to subsidise your overall costs – but your group will need to fundraise the remaining costs.

What financial help is available?

CYEC can give your exchange a travel grant for your overseas visit (normally between 25% - 40% of return international travel costs) and a hosting grant for the incoming visit (up to 35% of your hosting costs). We can also make a grant towards the costs of an advance planning and risk assessment visit. You will need to raise the remaining funds yourselves – by group fundraising activities, participant contributions, grants and sponsorship.

Who can apply to CYEC?

Only UK organisations undertaking a youth exchange can apply for a grant. Organisations need to be properly constituted and able to show some experience of working with and for young people. Carefully check out CYEC’s Guidelines for Funding (enclosed in this pack) to see if your project meets the funding criteria. If you need more help and guidance you can speak to CYEC’s staff and Regional Representatives.

Overseas groups cannot apply to CYEC. We do not send money overseas.

What are CYEC’s funding priorities?

  • exchanges with Commonwealth countries, particularly in Africa, Asia/Pacific and the Caribbean
  • participants in the 15-25 years age range
  • exchanges involving young people who would not normally have such an opportunity
  • projects which can show evidence of real youth ownership and participation in their planning and organisation
  • programmes of joint activities and project work undertaken with a partner group and based in a local community
  • projects with a clear theme and well thought-out aims, objectives and learning outcomes
  • exchange groups with 5-15 members, including leaders
  • exchange programmes of 3 weeks duration

Remember that we promote a particular model of youth exchange which is based on the personal and group development of young people:

  • a partner group exists overseas
  • there are planned educational benefits from the outset
  • the exchange programme has a theme or deals with youth issues
  • the exchange is planned as a two-way project – you will host as well as visit
  • the exchange is owned by young people – youth participation is a guiding principle

What doesn’t CYEC support?

  • representatives attending international conferences, jamborees, gatherings and events
  • tours by sports teams and performing groups
  • study/research visits, holidays, youth tourism, tours, expeditions, visits with a significant focus on family reunions
  • visits and overseas placements which are primarily part of an academic or training course
  • gap year volunteer and adventure/challenge programmes
  • individuals (except for youth exchange advance planning visits by approved projects)

When do we apply for a grant?

Every autumn (normally in September and October), CYEC invites applications for exchange grants for the following financial year (ie for exchanges taking place in the following May and onwards). Our detailed Guidelines for Funding and grant criteria are revised annually and the application form specifies the closing dates for applications. If you want to apply to CYEC for a youth exchange grant, you need to become a CYEC-registered youth group by completing the registration form and paying the registration fee.

How do we apply?

  1. read the Guidelines for Funding carefully – are you eligible for funding?
  2. read the Notes for Applicants carefully – do you understand the questions?
  3. complete CYEC’s grant application form and enclose any attachments
  4. complete CYEC’s registration form and write a cheque for the registration/administration fee
  5. return the application form along with your registration form and the annual non-refundable registration fee
  6. all applications will be acknowledged and a Registration Pack of resource goodies despatched, including a copy of CYEC’s Handbook for Exchange Organisers – Contact!- and Safety & Welfare Guidelines

How are decisions made?

CYEC has a Grants Committee which meets every autumn to look at applications for youth exchang. funding. The Committee has representatives of youth exchange practitioners, youth services, government departments and young people.

What other help can CYEC give us?

You are welcome to contact a member of our staff or one of our Regional Representatives if you need further advice or help. You can obtain publications, resources and training courses from CYEC.

Is there help for exchanges with non-Commonwealth countries?

If you want to do an exchange with a non-Commonwealth country (eg Europe, USA, Japan etc), contact Connect Youth at the British Council

Application Time-Table

Application deadlines, normally at September and October month end.

CYEC Grants Committee normally meets twice before Christmas to consider all the applications for the following financial year (ie projects taking place from the following May onwards).

Applications are assessed by the Grants Committee and are either Approved, Deferred for further information or Turned Down.

Applicants are informed of the committee’s interim decision before Christmas. If applications are deferred for further information, a deadline date will be given for receipt of the requested information and the committee will re-consider your application.

Grant allocations are made to Approved projects, dependent on the overall Youth Exchange Fund for that year.

Applicants are informed of the grant decision by a letter of Grant Award.

6 weeks prior to exchange visit
Applicants submit their Exchange Confirmation Form to CYEC to claim their grant.

8 weeks after exchange visit
Applicants submit a Report and Financial Statements

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