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The ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival)

With the first week, and first successful workshop behind us, our focus has finally turned towards the ZIFF (Zanzibar international film festival. It was our main reason for coming back to Zanzibar, as our ultimate goal, albeit dream at the moment, is to get a group of children to perform on the stage. Our hopes of achieving this feat were boosted by our second workshop enterprise, with SOS Orphanage Children’s Charity. This magnificent organization takes in children whose mothers are either no longer with them, abandoned or have illnesses that restrict their ability to look after them. For more information on the charity check http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org , or refer to our SOS children’s charity BLOG that has all the relevant information.
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This Majestic charity helped develop the children’s interpersonal skills, and it was certainly the first thing I noticed when being introduced to them. Their performing arts skills were also exceptional, and they are definitely the perfect group to bring up to the necessary level needed to perform on the international stage. The ZIFF presents an amazing opportunity for KORI to become a world wide respected charity.
Written By Antonio Peruga
The following is Courtesy of www.ziff.or.tz
ZIFF is East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival, bringing new talents together from all over the world for a Zanzibar Tamasha!
For the 13th ZIFF, some of the most captivating and cutting-edge cinema from Africa and beyond will be screened in venues across the island. From world-premiers to local shorts, we’ve got it all, with a long history of showcasing the highest quality film from all over the world. Films are submitted based on a yearly theme – this year is ‘Hopes in Harmony’ – and entered into various categories and competitions. The final night is an awards night, where the winning films are recognised and celebrated.
ZIFF also puts on the island’s best parties. Live music, dance, DJs and performance across several venues means that carnival fever hits Zanzibar for 2 weeks! We bring musicians together from all over Africa, as well as recognised international acts.
A Zanzibar institution, ZIFF is a truly local festival, with exhibitions, workshops, and cultural tours that take you to the heart of the community. We promote local talent in film and music, showcasing new and old creative achievements. As ZIFF comes to town, so too do opportunities for recognising arts and crafts – the festival is always a hotbed of activity!
World Cup!
We are particularly excited to cooincide the Festival with the closing of the World Cup. 2010 really is The African Year, and ZIFF will be at the heart of it – watch this space for news of a special World Cup Final event…

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