Kori Arts - Crossroads, TANZANIA

Looking to 2011

Coming back and coming down from the achievements of this year – KORI Arts is looking towards a new future. No matter how you look at it if you are conscious and of African heritagehttps://koriartsyouthempoweringyouth.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/sunset.... 600w, https://koriartsyouthempoweringyouth.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/sunset.... 150w" sizes=" 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> and living in London  – your eyes and your heart hurt everyday. Yes we have to be positive and God knows we have a whole industry chirping pretty affirmations daily but things through Garvey eyes are not looking any better for Africans. In London we run around over weight, high blood pressured, mentally ill or violent and we crush each other every day. Coming back to London this year meant a serious consideration of how to move forward.
Consequently, after the report was done we called a gathering – ‘African Journeys 2010’ – it brought together many positive organisations, mainly led by exhausted inspirer’s that had been doing their best to uplift and support the community. They had a list of good works but mainly led their organisations with little support from the people that used them. No unity in the community – still! Wow what does it take, even our youths blood all over the streets leaves us passive cowering in our homes, holding on to our sons and praying that the big white policeman is going to make it better!
People, where are we going – there is no where to run! Well our response is to create Ebony Tree. A charity for the ready. Ready to work that is. Ebony Tree is about partnerships here and in Africa. First however, Ebony Tree will support structural development in willing organisations. Kori Arts is focused on being a social enterprise that develops young people that will continue to lead well into the future. Ebony Tree has a different path to travel………watch this space!

The theme of this exchange is "We are present"


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