Commonwealth Youth Climate Summit


Together we are developing a clear and shared vision for the future of young people in the Commonwealth, so that we can save succeeding generations from the impacts of climate change. We intend to work together to shape the Commonwealth agenda on Climate Change, attract other partners and prepare the ground for mutual partnership between young people and policy makers.

Our joint priority is to establish a youth–led movement which will analyse and translate climate change scenarios into effective policy development and improved understanding of impacts on young peoples’ health, well-being and economic success in a sustainable future. The Young Commonwealth Climate Change Summit aimed at facilitating the exchange of experiences and the advancement of collective knowledge among young people and their communities in tackling Climate Change.

Our deliberations at this summit will define the future response of young people to this far-reaching and growing global challenge. It is therefore no surprise that this issue has moved to the top of the Commonwealth’s agenda, along with many other defining challenges that we face as a community.

This Summit formally launches a process of developing the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Response Policy and Action Plan. In this regard, the Summit will lay a firm foundation for the policy development process and will also ensure that all stakeholders, both public and private, are clear on their roles and responsibilities in shaping this important policy.

At the same time, the outcome of this Summit will resonate globally as youth take their place at the table with policy-markers to engage in the complex negotiations on Climate Change. It is only through coordinated and comprehensive youth action that the commonwealth will effectively deal with this threat. In the context of the notion ”Youth Action Now” the Summit will lay a firm foundation for developing programmes that can be implemented at national and advocated in International negotiations.


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Friday, January 15, 2010 - 18:15

I received a phone call from Messeh Kamara asking if I was interested in becoming one of the volunteer steering group committee members for the forthcoming Young Commonwealth Climate Change Summit which was to be held in London. This was a blessing because I had developed an interest in the issues of Climate Change and how I could be of help, because in most of my interactions young people still think it’s an issue of the West, and yet we are all affected and the effects are seen with a necked eye. I gladly accepted to be part of the team.

Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 17:00

I had the great opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Summit in October 2009. Although it was a last minute decision to attend, I have absolutely no regrets that I attended the summit. One of the many reasons I decided to go was in order to connect with other youth that are interested in doing work surrounding one of today’s most contentious issues: climate change. This is exactly what happened; approximately one hundred youth gathered in representing different countries within the Commonwealth in order to discuss and create solutions surrounding climate change.

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