What we do

We deliver a range of advice, information, outreach and support services for young people and youth organisations which aim to promote high quality exchanges and youth projects. Services include:

“We are indebted to CYEC – its ethos permeates and shapes our exchange. They offer a good deal of information, support, training and advice. They publicly gave their support early on – and we are delighted by our grant.”

An information, capacity building and outreach programme

We provide an advice and Information service to help young people, youth leaders and teachers learn about how to undertake a Commonwealth youth exchange project

A grant making programme

We no longer provide grants for youth exchange projects.

Resources and publications

CYEC produces a wide range of publications and resources to support Youth Exchange projects, and to raise awareness of young people's action in the Commonwealth.

You can find a number of our publications available for download on this site.

Global youth work projects

CYEC are involved in a number of Global Youth Work projects - supporting young people to learn more about their relationships with local, national and international communities and issues.

You can find out more in our Global Youth Work section.

Scotland development programme

Youth exchange activity in Scotland is supported by a volunteer team which is supported by the Scottish Executive. The programme provides outreach and support, including training opportunities.

The Commonwealth Youth Forum

The Commonwealth Youth Forum takes place every two years - bringing together young people involved in national youth councils and youth fora from across the Commonwealth.

CYEC established the CYF in 1997 and actively supports each Commonwealth Youth Forum. We have published the reports created by young people at each of the recent Commonwealth Youth Fora.

You can find out more in the Young Commonwealth section of this site.

New development initiatives

CYEC are constantly looking to develop new projects to support young people to make a difference across the Commonwealth. In particular, we are working to engage young people in new leadership initiatives for young adults and professionals including climate change, and young womens' networks.