Contact! - A handbook for North-South Youth Exchange

Contact! - our handbook for developing a North-South Youth Exchange will be re-published during 2009.

New version coming in 2009: Contact Youth Exchange Handbook

Contact is intended to assist both experienced organisers of youth exchanges and those with no previous experience of planning a youth exchange. It aims to familiarise the reader with what is involved in coordinating a successful ‘long distance’ inter-continental and inter-cultural project. Exchanges represent complex, but ultimately richly rewarding, youth work projects which need to be ‘project managed’.

This publication is a Handbook. As such, the intention is that, whilst it can be read from cover to cover, individual sections will be referred to and used at different stages of planning and executing an exchange.

Whilst Contact is explicitly aimed at long distance ‘North-South’ youth exchange, the principles and good practice it highlights make it an invaluable resource for all youth and community groups considering planning an international cross-cultural project anywhere in the world.

Contact will be divided into five main sections:
* Section 1: The Context
* Section 2: Getting Started
* Section 3: Project Management
* Section 4: Key Activity Areas
* Section 5: Incoming Visits

Getting a copy

When Contact! is published you will be able to order a copy through our website.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a large number of copies please get in touch.