Commonwealth Poster Set (2008)

In 2008 we launched a series of four posters about the Commonwealth along with a leaflet providing discussion ideas and activities.

The posters cover four themes. The leaflet details suggested activities for exploring each theme in more depth with a group of young people in a classroom, youth group or youth exchange group.

Well Connected!

Diversity; ‘youthfulness’ of the Commonwealth; cultural heritage; our global links; getting connected with other young people; for example, the diversity of UK society is the result of its colonial heritage – young Britain is largely Commonwealth Britain and Britain is a reflection of the Commonwealth.

Express Yourself!

The key values and principles of the Commonwealth, which are the ‘glue’ that binds the modern Commonwealth together (democracy, human rights, equality, justice, peace and security, sustainable development); the key global issues that are of concern to all countries in the Commonwealth (climate change, health, youth development, educational opportunities, social justice, conflict); the importance of communication for global peace and understanding; young people’s communication and networking.

Make the Difference!

Young people being empowered to get involved and take action – locally, nationally and in the Commonwealth; ideas concerning how to get involved: campaigning, awareness raising, volunteering, networking via the internet, youth exchanges, GAP year, being an active member of a youth organisation, enjoying sport, music, dance, active citizenship etc.

We are Family!

The role of the Commonwealth; membership of the Commonwealth; consensus building; the Commonwealth as a ‘family’ due to people-to-people links and historical connections via the former British Empire; the Commonwealth and achieving the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals); the institutions of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth Secretariat); the role of civil society and Commonwealth associations in the Commonwealth.