2003 Annual Report

CYEC's Annual Report for 2003 opens with a message from Dr Khalid Hameed CBE, and the following Foreword from CYEC director Vic Craggs.

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Development and Outreach in 2003

Extract from the 2003 Annual Report Foreword by Vic Craggs, OBE

International events during 2003 have underlined that the need for cross-cultural contact and understanding has never been greater. Organisations working with and for young people must respond by helping young people’s understanding of the challenges facing our multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies. It is crucial that global awareness is a key component of both youth work and formal education curricula.

Commonwealth Youth Exchange can make a telling and positive contribution. It promotes the skills and attitudes necessary for a healthy multi-racial society that can value diversity within as well as across communities. We promote a high quality model of youth exchange which is relevant to young people’s needs, irrespective of their backgrounds. We are pleased at the diversity and quality of participation.

On the youth exchange front, CYEC is very proud of the achievements of all the 2003 youth exchange groups. Many participants are not well resourced and their exchanges are a remarkable testimony to their enterprise and tenacity. Whilst the war in Iraq and its aftermath caused the postponement and cancellation of some projects, we are encouraged at the subsequent upturn in enquiries and exchange proposals which we hope will translate into 2004 projects.

The following pages highlight the achievements of our Development and Outreach
Programme over the past year. The financial support of the Department for Education and Skills (Connexions National Voluntary Youth Organisations Scheme) in England and the Scottish Executive Education Department in Scotland for aspects of the development programme has been crucial. Services continue to be well used and we have sought to expand their range and number.

It has been another exceptionally busy and productive year. Our profile was considerably raised following the huge success of our 2002 CitizenYou citizenship project, and a priority has been to ensure the learning and recommendations arising from that event have been widely disseminated. We have continued to collaborate extensively with a range of Commonwealth, international and development agencies and with umbrella bodies responsible for youth work and education in the voluntary and maintained sectors in each of the UK's four nations. We particularly appreciate our close relationship with colleagues at the Commonwealth Youth Programme, Connect Youth/The British Council, and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

CYEC became a charitable company at the start of 2003. The Board has devoted time to developing a new 3 year strategic plan. We have also undertaken a review of all the potential risks facing the charity, as required to do under charity law. Work has taken place to develop a child safety and protection policy for CYEC. We are also looking at new ways to assess the outcomes for young people from their youth exchange experiences.

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