2002 Annual Report

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The Development Programme

Summary of 2002 Annual Report

Youth work organisations have needed to respond to rapid change and external events and CYEC is no exception. On the international front 11th September 2001 and its aftermath has caused the postponement and cancellation of some programmes. Domestically many organisations are addressing new structures and developments including, in England, Connexions and the Transforming Youth Work agendas. CYEC is pleased to note that international experience is included within a youth work provision standard and highlighted as an important PSE curriculum vehicle. Without a doubt, wellmanaged exchanges make significant contributions to community cohesion and citizenship programmes. In an era of global influences it has never been more important to promote the international dimension and a less insular youth work and school curricula.

The Development Programme aims to promote high quality exchanges that support young people’s personal development and encourage greater international understanding. CYEC is pleased to acknowledge the support of the Department for Education and Skills (Connexions National Voluntary Youth Organisations Scheme) for its support for aspects of this development programme.

Our work is guided by the following principles:

  • a ‘youth work’ model of exchange which emphasises young people’s ownership and full participation and ensures the educational potential is maximised
  • being inclusive and extending the range of participants and organisations undertaking exchanges
  • a willingness to innovate and experiment to extend the Commonwealth youth exchange programme and develop new approaches and services.

Planning and delivering a long distance exchange will take two to three years and is a major and demanding youth work project. As well as supporting projects financially, CYEC provides advice and consultancy, information, networking and training for youth organisations and young people. Our services continue to be well used. The urgent need, however, is to increase our grant aid and training capacity and to continue to meet the calls on our support, advice and other services.

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