About Us

CYEC logo CYEC is a registered education charity and youth development organisation. In February 2014 we became a subsidiary charity of The Royal Commonwealth Society.

•Pan Commonwealth projects supporting young adults as active citizens and Commonwealth stakeholders, including the Commonwealth Youth Forum
•Young Commonwealth youth leadership events and programmes
•Commonwealth Teacher Exchange Programme (CTEP)

WHAT WE NO LONGER DO: Due to the British Council decision in 2013 to cease funding for Commonwealth Youth Exchanges, CYEC no longer provide Commonwealth Youth Exchange Grants

HOW WE WORK: CYEC delivers its work through partnerships with other organisations promoting youth development and education interchange between people and institutions across the Commonwealth.

“It’s a fundamental way for young people to learn about themselves, the world they live in, and how to work together to change it.”

CYEC has three main programme areas:

Youth Programmes

Demographics dictate that young people are recognised as key stakeholders in the future of the Commonwealth and, of course, are crucial partners in development. All CYEC’s youth programmes are informed by the key principle of youth participation. Activities are designed ‘by and with’ young adults as opposed to ‘for’ young people.

i. the development of Pan Commonwealth initiatives supporting young adults as active citizens contributing to development in their communities and across the Commonwealth network, including the biennial Commonwealth Youth Forum held in the wings of CHOGM
ii. youth leadership events and programmes

Interchange Programme for Professional Educators

i. an interchange programme for professional educators including an established bilateral post to post teacher exchange programme between the UK and Australia and Canada

Raising Awareness of the Commonwealth and its Values

i. publications, resources, training workshops and events for young people, educationalists and organisations